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Rainer Eberhardt
Technical Designer, Product-
Developer for the Food-Industry


Manfred Beck
Meat technologist

Your guarantee for success

Due to our longstanding cooperation of both companies we can offer you complete solutions and new development for the entire area of meat and lunchmeat production.
This unique cooperation of our companies has lead to the realization of always up to date, in line with the market, trendy and financially highly interesting production ideas.

The foundation and experience for this was laid via countless, common and successful assignments and engagements in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia as well as Peru and Malaysia and many more. This applies for the entire meat and lunchmeat production industry for an upscale handiwork.
Rainer Eberhardt and Manfred Beck value competent and qualified consultation und the associated trust more than sales. In doing so the value openness and honesty above everything else.

With their competence and broad know-how they look at any demand of the meat and lunchmeat production, analyze it and compile a complete solution for each individual customer.

Fast, trustworthy and precisely you receive our step by step instructions and constant assistance from the very beginning via the realization to the guaranteed success and that is sure to come!