Eberhardt GmbH

Experts in Stainless Steel

The Eberhardt GmbH company advises and supplies each individual customer with competence and flexibility especially whenever special orders are concerned. We ensure that our handiwork satisfies our high quality standards. The state-of-the-art equipment, new product development as well as longtime experience have allowed us to grow to one of the leading companies in the area of stainless steel work.

In the future we will strive to solve all problems regarding "Precious in Steel" with personal effort and the technical know-how of our employees.

Werk (Production) 1
Eichendorffstr. 5, 91586 Lichtenau
Werk (Production) 2
Obere Industriestr. 10, 91586 Lichtenau
Werk (Production) 3
Am Fuchsgraben 3, 91586 Lichtenau


As a base metal we use the stainless steel, V2A Type-Nr 1.4301. Upon request we use higher quality stainless steel like V4A Type 1.4401 or 1.4571.

We use the WIG welding-method which emphasizes a very durable seam. We strip all seams. The accumulated residual water is recycled via our own sewage plant which is continually checked by the water management office. The surface is brushed by hand. Seams are only polished when this procedure does not weaken the stability of the material. The supervision of production quality is ensured by our own professionals.

Production hall with modern machinery

Flexible production

Do you need different measurements or special orders?
Please ask us, we will produce special sizes on request. Standard- and regular order production regardless of number are what we strive for.


Assembly work

Due to our modern service vehicles we are able to assemble, repair and service our products throughout Germany.

Company owned sewage plant for recycled welting water

Certified Training Company

We are pleased that our company was awarded as a certified training company by the Chamber of Commerce.